20101213_92754People enjoying a night out are being warned about the dangers of getting into a drunken fight, as the Kyle Bartlett Memorial fund launches a campaign to combat alcohol-violence awareness.

Too much drink can turn a good night into a tragic disaster with people behaving in ways they wouldn’t do normally and finding themselves in vulnerable situations.

Young men aged 18-25 are the most likely to commit and be victims of serious violent crime. Forty per cent of victims of violent and serious violent crime are young men and the vast majority of offenders are men (77% of violent crime and 86% of serious violent crime).

The money raised from the charity events is going towards building a memorial park and continuing youth projects in the area.


The K.B.M.F is a charity set up to raise awareness of alcohol related violence.

After the sudden death of Kyle, in a drunken fight in Portsmouth on May 5th 2009, we realised that more needs to be done to try and prevent more untimely deaths like this.

Kyle a Marine Engineer with the destroyer HMS Liverpool, was involved in a drunken fight in a bar in Guildhall Walk, a popular drinking area for the younger generation in Portsmouth.

Kyle was then taken to the QA Hospital with severe head injuries and died less than 24 hours later.

Our aim is to take a presentation into schools, youth clubs, training establishments and other educational areas, to try and educate youngsters about the consequences and outcome of alcohol induced fights and how easy it is for someone to find out that one punch really can kill.